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Ladies, it’s not our fault, it’s our hormones and high heels!

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The power of fashion to influence and inspire is a hot topic in wellness circles, and vice versa. With unique perspectives and years of expertise, industry leaders Julie Sagoskin, B3H+® experts – Jacqui Justice & Lisa Avellino, all leading experts in their respective wellness and fashion industries

This groundbreaking show which will have you looking and feeling gorgeous from the inside out, creates an experience that underscores how important and integral each industry is to the other, in an inspiring, respectful and creative way. By combining Julie’s insider perspective of the fashion industry, Jacqui’s nutritional and medical knowledge, and Lisa’s own extraordinary understanding of how the female body functions, you will hear a weekly an-depth dialogue between these experts and our listening audience.



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Blogs & Recipes

Blogs & Recipes

Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation & Get into Balance with Weight-loss Articles and Recipes from Westchester’s Balance 3H Plus®

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