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Your Body Craves Fat & Sugar

Your Body Craves Fat & Sugar

Our bodies are programmed to crave fats, sugars, and calorie-dense foods to create reservoirs of fuel (fat) for “just in case” situations. Our bodies think of fat as money in the bank. Convincing your body to use stock piled fuel (fat) requires a multidirectional approach that creates the correct internal conditions for fat loss. Weight loss is not only about calorie counting anymore for women going through menopause, but creating the “correct” hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism to occur.

Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism

“When it comes to increasing metabolism, balancing hormones is absolutely crucial.”

-Dr. Siobhan Kealy

Hormones such as cortisol, leptin, and ghrelin create the perfect environment to transition your body into sugar/glycogen/carb/fat burners. In addition, B3H+® will boost your metabolism to avoid the low calorie/low metabolism trap.

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Inflammation
Reducing inflammation is key to achieving menopausal weight loss. Recent studies suggest that continuous weight gain is the result of a feedback loop of inflammation. High levels of fat and imbalanced metabolic hormones during menopause puts your body in a state of stress. When that happens, your immune system kicks into action and increases inflammation. Inflammation and stress cause your body to store more fat, continuing the cycle. When we can create a favorable environment, or a favorable chemistry, for reducing inflammation then weight loss and fat burning ensues. This is especially true for women ages 35-70 going through hormonal fluctuations as they age.

How to Reduce Inflammation

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