The Weight Loss Plan that Changed

My Life F O R E V E R

“The doctors and nutritionists in the program gave me hope for a healthier, and happier life.”

53 pre-menopausal woman with a very active lifestyle

“The structure of the program is exactly what I needed. The doctors held my hand and gave me the push I needed every step of the way.”

Isa Santiago was 53 years old when her life story “changed.”  Like many women struggling with weight gain due to hormonal changes, Isa had tried every weight loss program and diet out there, until she was introduced to the Balance 3H Plus program.  As Isa states, “The doctors and nutritionists in the program gave me hope for a healthier, and happier life.”

At 53, and pre- menopausal, Isa had a very active lifestyle. She worked out daily and had a well- balanced diet but could not shed any weight.  While at a spin class, Isa was told about Mitch Suss, and the Balance 3H Plus program. After meeting with the doctors and team, Isa took the Health 365 blood-test, a comprehensive biomarker blood test which makes this weight loss program extremely different than others.

“This science-based blood test offers critical clues for weight loss success,” states, Mitch Suss, Founder of B3H+. The Health 365 Test assesses 11 of the key hormones in our bodies which gives the team critical information about the individual and helps customize a weight loss plan to help balance the hormones in our bodies that are not allowing us to shed pounds.

“I was really afraid that my cholesterol was high and that I had done a great deal of damage to my body.  But the test educated me and I learned about all the different hormones in my body and it was a relief to know that my hormonal in-balance was the cause of my weight gain” says Santiago.

One week into the Lean Body Program Isa had lost 7 pounds, and week by week the weight started to come off.  By 16 weeks into the program, Isa had lost a total of 53 pounds, starting at 175 pounds and finishing the program at 122 pounds.

Being held accountable is key to this program and journaling the foods and drinks we put into our bodies is extremely beneficial for patients.  You learn about the foods that are being stored as fat and work to obtain from them.

“The structure of the program is exactly what I needed. The doctors held my hand and gave me the push I needed every step of the way,” says Isa Santiago. Taking the Balance 3H Plus supplements and following the menu given by the functional nutritionists are also extremely important to this program.  Many patients like Isa say that having someone to talk to and share their daily struggles throughout the program are vital to their success.  “It is what makes this program special and different”, says Santiago.

Two years later, and a proud grandmother to three beautiful children, Isa is back in the office where it all began, as a beacon of strength, sharing her story in hopes to help others.  As Isa repeated what the doctors always told her, “It’s not our fault, it’s our hormones.”

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  • In a clinical study average reduction included a 14% reduction in weight, 9% reduction in BMI, 11% reduction in body fat, 2% increase in body water and 18% reduction in visceral fat.
  • After initial consultation and weight loss goal is determined, clients at B3H+® center were able to follow our Balance 3H Plus® program without feeling deprived, and many lost up to 25 pounds during the initial 8-week program.

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