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Balance 3H Plus® & Dr. Salerno of The Salerno Center have joined forces to help menopausal women just like you get back in hormonal balance. Start losing weight and belly fat fast with our NEW Weight Loss IV Drips & Boosts!

Our exclusive B3H+® Plus IVs work in conjunction with our B3H+® 8-week weight loss program. Together, they are the perfect team to help you regain your health, bring back balance to your body and lose the unwanted weight.

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Q: How can I lose weight fast with B3H+® IV drips?

When the body has the building blocks it needs to function properly, excess weight and body fat will melt off easily— it’s simple biochemistry. The Balance 3H Plus®  IV Drips and Boosts will give your body the building blocks it needs to lose weight and belly fat fast based on your unique biochemistry.

The B3H+® IV Drips & Boost will supercharge your body so that it can do the following FAST:
  • Accelerate Weight Loss
  • Achieve Hormonal Harmony
  • Reverse Adrenal Burnout & Cortisol Issues
  • Balance Hormonal Levels and Imbalances
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Remedy digestive issues & infections
  • Repair nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin, mineral and electrolyte imbalances
  • Resolve metabolic issues that play a role in your ability to burn fat thus causing weight gain, increased body fat and belly fat often seen in menopausal women.

…& MORE!

Our IV Drips & Boosts address some key health issues on a deeper level, as well as give you nutrients to help you to look and feel better. When your body functions better, you can finally lose weight. It’s that simple!

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Q: How do you determine which IV drips are right for me?

Each client that embarks on our 8-week weight loss journey starts with our exclusive Health 365 blood test. Through this blood test, we find many biomarkers which give us clues to health barriers or roadblocks stopping you from losing weight and belly fat. Our weight loss experts use the results of the Health 365 blood test to target the imbalances found in your biochemistry and customize your drip or boost to meet your unique needs.

Q: What kind of IV drips do you offer to rebalance my hormones and help me lose weight?

We offer several IV drips to our clients on the B3H+® weight loss program. These drips help accelerate weight loss goals and address other biomarkers as found in your Health 365 blood test results.

We currently have 5 Balance 3H+® IV drips that Dr. Salerno has created specifically for our program:
  1. B3H+® Revive:

    Brings hormonal balance and harmony

  2. B3H+® Lean:

    Helps melt the fat away

  3. B3H+® Boost/Energize (Myers):

    Refreshes the body with vitamins, minerals & electrolytes

  4. B3H+® Restore:

    Restores weak adrenals, lowers cortisol and improves sleep which helps with weight loss .

  5. B3H+® Inflam:

    Reduces inflammation caused by GI issues, high CRP, methylation, and infections

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Q: Can you explain each of the B3H+® Drips in a bit more detail?

B3H+® Revive:


Addresses hormonal imbalances as found in the Health 365 test.


The Health 365 blood test is the determining factor to finding the hormonal imbalances that are causing the roadblocks to a women’s ability to lose weight and burn fat. This is a major indicator in achieving weight loss and keeping it off as well as her feeling her best.


Customized according to your needs.

B3H+® Boost/Energize (Meyers):


Nutritional deficiencies like vitamins and minerals and electrolytes.

Often due to many reasons, poor diet, lack of nutrients from food, SAD diet, lifestyle, the changes and aging all can cause nutritional deficiencies in women. Your body needs to also be able to absorb the nutrients it gets from your diet. However, if you are not absorbing what you eat, you will develop nutritional deficiencies that will prevent your body from functioning properly and its ability to lose weight. The B3H IV drip will give you the nutrients you need immediately which is key to weight loss.

When your body is well nourished it operates at its peak and will let go of the weight as well.


The Health 365 blood test is the determining factor to finding these deficiencies and imbalances.


A cocktail of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes needed to energize each cell of the body. This will give each person the needed boost they need to feel better and move in order to lose weight. It is a great quick “pick-me-upper!”

B3H+® Inflam:


Reduces inflammation caused by GI issues, high CRP, methylation, and infections which have been shown to negatively impact weight loss and cause a whole host of other health issues. Often inflammation stems from some form of GI issues or possibly genetic markers causing cardiovascular issues. Any kind of inflammation in the body will affect a women’s health and proper function.


The Health 365 blood test is the determining factor to finding these inflammatory markers.


Customized to your needs

B3H+® Lean:


Helps melt the fat away FAST. One important aspect to losing weight is to burn more calories than you bring in and to speed up your metabolism so your body can burn the fat. Often menopausal women have slower metabolism due to excessive dieting, yo-yo dieting, eating too little calories and not exercising or improper exercise or other lifestyle factors.
This drip is ideal for anyone on the B3H Plus program who wants to speed up their ability to shed pounds FAST.


The Health 365 blood test gives us important clues to a women’s metabolism as well our in-depth assessment and history intake during her consultation with me.


Customized to your needs

B3H+® Restore:


Restores weak adrenals, lowers cortisol and improves sleep which helps with weight loss (melatonin).


When your adrenals are down it will be difficult for your body to have enough energy to lose weight, also if your cortisol is up it creates the perfect storm for weight gain and particularly belly fat. When you are exhausted your ability to take care of yourself is hampered and your food choices are not great. Thus, sleep is critical for weight loss on many levels including healing and letting go of excess fat.
You won’t want to work out at the gym if you can’t even get out of bed – that’s not good.
Also, I have found that the more vitamin and mineral deficient a woman is, her sleep becomes more irregular.
In addition, an imbalance in hormones also cause irregular sleep, hot flashes and insomnia causing even more stress on her adrenals. Often a combination of the B3H Revive (for hormone balance) and B3H Restore (for adrenal and cortisol balance) work synergistically to help women who are desperate to get better sleep.
Improving a women’s sleep and lowering cortisol does help weight loss and losing belly fat.


Customized to your needs

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Q: Do you recommend the B3H+® IV drips for all B3H+® clients?

Just as each of our clients are unique, your biochemistry is unique to you. To determine what you need, “We Test, we don’t guess.” In other words— you’ll need to take our Health 365 Test so that our experts can find hidden clues as to why you are not able to lose weight. The results will provide our experts with critical information to tailor your IV drips to your body’s needs.

Without the results from the Health 365 Test, our weight loss experts would be guessing what your unique bodily needs are, and we don’t guess!

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Q: Do you generally recommend the B3H+® IV drips to your clients?

Yes, it is ideal for any woman who comes to us to lose weight for many reasons. Here are some…

  1. When your body works better, you will lose weight better and faster.
  2. When your body is optimized, you will lose weight and keep it off.
  3. Losing weight is great and every woman after 40 needs help because of her hormonal changes but balancing your body at a cellular level gives you optimal health that is long lasting.
  4. The B3H® IV’s get your body back in balance more quickly side-by-side with the B3H® 8-week weight loss program.

Q: How many B3H+® IV treatments would I need?

That is very individualized and unique to each woman’s biochemistry. It truly depends on what we discover from your Health 365 blood test.

The blood test results could indicate minor health issues or extreme imbalances. We see all kinds of health issues that act as roadblocks to losing weight and the ability to burn fat.

Q: Can I get these B3H+® IV’s outside of participating in the B3H+® weight loss program?

No, the B3H+® IV’s are our own exclusive and proprietary blend of micronutrients and ratios that have been put together exclusively for the B3H® weight loss program.

On occasion, our experts will adjust the B3H+® IV’s for a specific woman’s biochemistry and needs.

Lastly, keep in mind that we make adjustments as new scientific discoveries and research becomes available. So, our B3H+® IV’s are constantly keeping up with the latest evidence-based research of today!

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