The Venus Versa Anti-Aging System

Are you tired of signs of aging skin? Does skin laxity and wrinkles hold you back from your full confidence potential?

Well Balance 3H Plus now has a solution for those concerns! Introducing our new non-invasive anti-aging system from Venus Concept called the Venus Versa!

This technology combines patented technology using radio frequency energy and pulsed electro-magnetic fields to give you the lifting, tightening and toning you desire! Especially after weight loss!

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Treatments are safe and comfortable, almost feels like a hot stone massage… And it’s safe for all skin colors. Areas treated are the face, neck and body. Each area receiving up to 20 minutes of a soothing, gentle, heat massage delivering energy deep into the tissue to stimulate new collagen, delivering great results over a series of 4-6 treatments, 1 week apart. Turn back the hands of time in just a couple months…

Also, for a limited time only, we have discounted treatment packages which also include laser hair removal! Quick painless treatment will handle those bothersome hairs wherever you don’t want them! New year new you! What are you waiting for?!?

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