This Menopause Mistake is Leaving You Feeling Stressed and Fat-igued

This Menopause Mistake is Leaving You Feeling Stressed and Fat-igued

If you are like most women our age, haywire hormones have left you feeling…

  • Uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Drained of energy
  • Frustrated when you can’t focus or forget things
  • Discouraged when you look at yourself in the mirror
  • Confused by unpredictable mood swings
  • Indifferent when it comes to intimacy
  • Discouraged that life may never be the same again

If this is how you feel right now I am grateful you found the Balance 3H+® Program (B3H+®) – located in Westchester County, NY!

As a women’s health expert it is my life’s work to help women experience a better life through optimizing their health. I’ve helped thousands of women over the years, and I have become very passionate about helping women reduce the negative symptoms associated with peri-/menopause with the B3H+® Program.

So many women our age are suffering unnecessarily, and need to know that “It’s NOT your fault, it’s your hormones!”®

So in this blog I want to share a popular daily habit that is upsetting your delicate hormonal symphony.

Consuming Caffeine

It is 6am and you pop your favorite flavor K-cup pod into the Keurig© to get an immediate energy boost. Then again after lunch you feel your energy dip and go for round two, maybe three.

You have probably heard that drinking too much caffeine is bad for you, but you are not sure why…

The truth is, your hefty caffeine habit is wreaking havoc on your hormones and possibly your waistline.

Here’s how:

  • That burst of energy you feel when you drink caffeine is your adrenal glands producing the stress hormones norepinephrine (aka, adrenalin) and cortisol. This is the same response your body has when you are in physical danger.
  • The extra release of stress hormones gives you the energy (aka, sugar) you need to escape a saber-toothed tiger (or insert your own scary predator here). These hormone surges literally increase your body’s glucose production so your blood sugar skyrockets allowing this “fight or flight” response. The problem is, this response is something that should only happen occasionally, like “in the wild”, but in our modern society many women abuse caffeine to get that pump on a daily basis and often, multiple times per day.
  • After prolonged caffeine usage most people notice that it doesn’t give them the same jolt it used to. This is because constant stimulation of the adrenals ‘short circuits’ our nervous system and our body’s emergency response is to put the brakes on!
  • The adrenal glands don’t give out despite the body saying slow down! But, the brain says, “Woah!!!” And eventually. the adrenals do put the brakes on pumping out cortisol and they also stop producing other critical hormones (which creates further hormonal imbalances) as well.

Why is this a big deal? Because it can lead to…

  • Fat accumulation in the mid-section
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiety/Panic attacks
  • Inability to handle stress or focus
  • Decreased resilience
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Moodiness
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Breast cancer

In summary, when adrenal glands become imbalanced it disrupts the delicate symphony of hormones that keep you feeling healthy, lean and happy.

We want healthy, lean and happy, right?

Ready to Quit Caffeine Yet?

Hopefully after reading this you’ll think twice about reaching for that caffeinated beverage when you need some quick energy.

If you really want that morning or afternoon energy jolt, try drinking green tea or yerba mate. Both provide a more balanced, energy boost and with much less caffeine. They also contain high levels of B-vitamins and antioxidants which have been suggested to help lower risk for certain cancers.

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy