The B3H+® Detox

The B3H+® Detox

The majority of the “toxins” which our bodies have to cope with each day are internally generated. By taking some sugary detox product, we will likely magnify our body’s internally generated stress. Our body has the amazing ability to naturally detoxify itself. This often does not require help from some magical elixir. Incorporating a gentle, safe, and cleansing supplement protocol supports the natural process of metabolic detoxification. Keep reading to learn about the B3H+® Detox, crafted by Westchester County’s medical experts at Balance 3H+®.

Here is How to Enhance and Support Your Body’s Natural Ability to Detox:

First, give your body plenty of whole and seasonal food sources. Eat mainly organic colorful veggies and fruit so you eliminate with more volume- which counters estrogen pollution (excess estrogen) and excretes toxic waste from the colon. Eat small servings of clean, lean proteins and only consume gluten-free grains, if any grains at all, during a detox. Think about giving your digestive system a break by liquefying most of your nutrients. And probably what’s most important is that you avoid all salty, fatty, sugary, processed, and packaged pseudo foods.

In addition when cleansing, it is critical to incorporate the right combination of supplements to enhance and support your body’s detoxification pathways. Our Balance 3H+® Metabolic Cleanse drink mix packets are perfect for this because they contain a powerful combination of nutrients, antioxidants, and the extra fiber from fruits and veggies you need.

Second, to fully support the process you need to ensure proper protein digestion. The Balance 3H+® protease enzymes packets can help support efficient digestion and absorption of the proteins you eat and the plant-based proteins found in the Balance 3H+® shake packets.

Thirdly, to prevent the production of intermediate metabolites that could cause uncomfortable detoxification symptoms or sensitivity reactions during a cleanse, you’ll want to incorporate our Liv-D-Tox packets into your protocol.

All three of these really simple steps help eliminate both environmental and food toxins safely and effectively. This is also a highly effective way to shrink fat cells and stop sugar and caffeine cravings.

In addition, I must mention the importance of getting quality sleep, breaking a gentle sweat (preferably in nature) and de-stressing daily.

Go ahead give your body and cells the break it deserves! I know you’ll be happy with the results and will reap the detox.

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy

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