How to Optimize Your Sleep for Weight Loss

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When was the last time you got 8 hours of great sleep?
Did you know that sleep regenerates your cells, enhances fat burning and slows the aging process? How and when you sleep is one of the most powerful ways to improve your health and body composition. Study after study suggests that people who sleep well (more than 7 hours a night) are 55% slimmer (1), more attentive, less reactive to stressful situations, experience less anxiety, hunger and...

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The Importance of Good Sleep

Sleep and weight gain go more hand-in-hand than you might think. Recently, a client of mine struggling with midlife weight gain questioned why I was pressing her to sleep longer, to create a nighttime sleep ritual and keep her bedroom cool and dark like a cave. She insisted she slept fine for 5-5.5 hours a night and doubted how this could be affecting her ability to lose weight. The importance of restorative sleep is often misunderstood and...

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