Nutrition 101: How to Build A “Perfect Plate” 

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As a medical doctor and women’s health expert my goal is to help optimize women’s health, hormones, life and diet. Today, I would like to provide information on how to create a “perfect plate” for those of you just beginning your back-to-better-health journey.  

Let’s start with the basic fundamentals of nutrition and what a plate for a given meal may look like to balance your hormones and optimize your health...
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Stress Less to Lose Weight: How Stress Affects Blood Sugar Levels

Did you know that prolonged stress can lead to elevated fasting blood sugar (aka glucose) levels?
Your fasting blood sugar levels measure the amount of sugar circulating in your bloodstream after going without food for at least 12 hours. Typically, a fasting glucose test measures the risk for diabetes. Often, I’ll see women in the B3H+® clinic who are eating healthy and exercising daily, but whose fasting blood sugar levels are still...

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