Behind the Brand: New Weight Loss Paradigm Captivating Women Across the Nation

After years of watching his mother, wife and closest friends suffer from unwanted weight gain and other perimenopause and menopausal symptoms, Mitch Suss, CEO and visionary of the new weight loss paradigm Balance 3H Plus® (B3H+®) decided to invest his time, money and heart into opening a science-based medical weight loss program that helps women naturally balance hormones in order to lose pounds and recapture their youth.
In the beginning,...

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This Menopause Mistake is Leaving You Feeling Stressed and Fat-igued

If you are like most women our age, haywire hormones have left you feeling...

Uncomfortable in your own skin
Drained of energy
Frustrated when you can’t focus or forget things
Discouraged when you look at yourself in the mirror
Confused by unpredictable mood swings
Indifferent when it comes to intimacy
Discouraged that life may never be the same again

If this is how you feel right now I am grateful you found the...

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L-Carnitine – A Potent Fat Burner and More

Not only have we created natural supplements to minimize menopausal symptoms, we're also increasing organ and immune system strength for optimal health longevity.  All our product ingredients have proven scientific profiles to help the body heal and balance hormones naturally. Our supplements include a broad range of nutrients that address a woman's daily needs and provide essential support to reverse common menopausal complaints and...

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Combat Menopausal Weight Gain by Resetting Your Hormones

For some time, nutrition experts have debated the hormonal effects of food verses the importance of counting calories. The truth is that both hormones and calories matter.  However, to sustain longer-term metabolic changes for losing fat, you cannot just reduce calories, you must balance your hormones — specifically, two hormones that are critical to appetite control.

The Balance 3H Plus® (B3H+®) Program, based in NY's Westchester...

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Ask Dr. Kealy: Natural Treatments for Menopause & Weight Loss

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"Dr. Kealy, are natural treatments for menopause & weight loss available?"
Answer: “Balance 3H Plus® is an excellent menopausal weight loss program that introduces natural treatments for menopausal symptoms and weight loss. Natural or bioidentical supplements containing compounds that act like estrogen may provide some of the benefits of estrogen. Supplements such as soybeans or wild yams can relieve menopausal symptoms. Others commonly...

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Why You Might Have a Depressed Thyroid

In the world of health and fitness the metabolism is often viewed like a machine. And because of this many people wrongly believe their metabolism is static.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I had my basal metabolic rate (i.e. amount of calories expended during rest) measured and it is 1200 calories per day. So I have developed a diet and exercise routine off of this number.”

This is likely a bad idea because soon after you change...

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