“It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones!”® Weight Loss: Leptin vs. Ghrelin

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"Dear Dr. Kealy...
I struggle with willpower & weight loss, especially when it comes to avoiding my favorite comfort foods. I often overeat and rarely feel satisfied after eating a full meal. Why is this happening, and what can I do to change?"
The Reason for Overeating: Leptin vs. Ghrelin
Don’t despair... It’s not your fault, it’s your hormones! The reason for overeating may be caused not as much by your love of chips, as it is...

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Combat Menopausal Weight Gain by Resetting Your Hormones

For some time, nutrition experts have debated the hormonal effects of food verses the importance of counting calories. The truth is that both hormones and calories matter.  However, to sustain longer-term metabolic changes for losing fat, you cannot just reduce calories, you must balance your hormones — specifically, two hormones that are critical to appetite control.

The Balance 3H Plus® (B3H+®) Program, based in NY's Westchester...

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