Every Body is Different: How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Weight Loss

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Every day, the evidence grows stronger that successful weight loss begins with an individualized approach that takes into account the many complex factors of an individual’s unique physical makeup. Now, a new Tufts University study confirms that fasting glucose levels, or blood sugar levels, can affect weight loss.
How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Weight Loss
In fact, Sai Krupa Das, Ph.D., one of the study authors, said in a release, "Study...

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The B3H+® Approach to Relieving Perimenopause and Menopausal Symptoms

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My name is Dr. Kealy, creator of the Balance 3H+® program. Believe it or not, there are some of us who will go through the big “change” without needing any additional support. We wake up one day and our periods have just stopped. We do not experience the most common symptoms of night sweats, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, inflammation, or sleep disturbances.

Relief from Menopause Symptoms
But unfortunately ladies, this...

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Dr. Kealy’s Health 365 Test: One Stop, Non-stop Weight Loss & Prevention

Balance 3H Plus® utilizes a revolutionary biomarker blood panel test, otherwise known as HEALTH 365. Health 365 is a total commitment to non-stop health and wellness. Similarly, our program consists of proactive health maintenance, prevention, and weight loss methods centered around the unique results of YOUR comprehensive metabolic blood panel.
What the Health 365 Test Measures
Health 365 tests the following:

Hormone levels (to discover...

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