Dr. Kealy’s 6 Commandments for Achieving Optimal Health

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Dr. Kealy's Commandments for Optimal Health
Most of us do not respond well to being told what we should eat. I certainly don’t, but I also realize that I need to have some health practices in place when it comes to eating. Therefore, I want to share my commandments of health around eating and food, specifically the do’s and don’ts for balancing and optimizing my hormones and body weight. If you don’t like the word "Commandments", then...

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The Right Way to Eat Starchy Carbohydrates

If you are anything like me, you love food and love to eat, especially during PMS week. I literally write in my calendar that on or near days 19-21 of my cycle, I am going to crave starchy carbohydrates and more food, in general. The complication I have now is that I’m over 40 and am becoming more insulin resistant (which leads to higher circulating blood sugar levels and potentially more fat storage). Thus, I have to keep my starchy carb...

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Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods

Go down any grocery store isle and you’ll find shelves lined with processed, chemically charged, sugar-laden, partially hydrogenated pseudo-foods. What is sad, but true, is they are more common than ever in our food system, and have a place cemented in the standard American diet. Here's what you need to know about Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods:
Dead Foods
These “dead” foods (as they have been referred to by some) do nothing to improve the...

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