Dr. Kealy’s 6 Commandments for Achieving Optimal Health

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Dr. Kealy's Commandments for Optimal Health
Most of us do not respond well to being told what we should eat. I certainly don’t, but I also realize that I need to have some health practices in place when it comes to eating. Therefore, I want to share my commandments of health around eating and food, specifically the do’s and don’ts for balancing and optimizing my hormones and body weight. If you don’t like the word "Commandments", then...

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How to Eat Right for Your Body Type

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Do you know that everyone has a natural tendency towards burning different fuel sources for energy? Weight Loss Tips Based on Your Body Type.
Your body may be more efficient at burning sugar, burning fat or a mix of both. During the day we all burn a bit of both fat and sugar, but most of us are walking around burning a higher ratio of sugar to fat. What fuel source your body prefers to use for energy is partially due to genetics, but also...

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