Seeking Nutrition Advice? Ask Scientists, Not Celebrities

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The internet being what it is, it’s important to take anything you read online with a grain of salt. Recently, I was encouraged to read a Business Insider article entitled “The single best type of diet for overall health, according to nutritionists.”

Rather than spreading the dubious diet advice of celebrities, the article cites real studies, published in legitimate scientific journals (like this one, and this one). The article...

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Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods

Go down any grocery store isle and you’ll find shelves lined with processed, chemically charged, sugar-laden, partially hydrogenated pseudo-foods. What is sad, but true, is they are more common than ever in our food system, and have a place cemented in the standard American diet. Here's what you need to know about Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods:
Dead Foods
These “dead” foods (as they have been referred to by some) do nothing to improve the...

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