Sip on This

Sip on This

When you get thirsty, water is the purest and most easily accessible drink of choice. Water is also the queen of fat loss and in flushing out toxins! As the Medical Director & Founder of Westchester & Manhattan’s Balance 3H Plus®, I always teach clients about the importance of drinking filtered water and how staying hydrated helps to balance hormones and lose weight.

For instance, when clients are adequately hydrated they present lower cortisol levels than a person experiencing even a mild dehydration of 1 to 2 percent.  Cortisol is our major stress hormone, and one of the things it does when you are dehydrated is stores more abdominal fat.  So, dehydration inhibits your ability to burn fat.  It undoes all the good you’ve been doing by eating clean and exercising.

Many of our B3H+® clients think that any kind of fluid will hydrate them the same as water…It will not. Drinks, such as coffee, tea and soda are highly acidic to the body and if they contain caffeine, will actually dehydrate you.  If you drink these poor water substitutes, you’ll need even more water to overcome the dehydrating effects.

Here is a useful list of unique ways to get plenty of healthy water into your day:

  1.  Spice up plain water! Squeeze in some of lemon, lime or orange slices to give your water a kick of citrus. Try slicing up some cucumbers or a small amount of frozen berries to give your water a spa feel. Other essences to add are a little mint or basil to filtered water.
  2. Try sparkling water (buy the kind in glass bottles) with a wedge of lime. Avoid sparkling waters with added sugar or sugar substitutes.  Read labels carefully.
  3.  Coconut water (pure and unflavored) on the occasion is great for those super-hot days or when you exercise heavily. It does contain a small amount of naturally occurring sugar (hence why I recommend it on occasion), but it also contains potassium, electrolytes, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, proteins and other “good-for-you” things. Today, organic coconut water can be found at most grocery stores.  Read labels carefully, as many brands pack this drink with added sugars and flavorings.
  4. Do you know how often you’re not hungry, but you’re really thirsty? Water curbs appetite, and quickly! But, sometimes you may want some extra help.  If so, try adding 5 – 10 grams of a fiber supplement, like ground chia or flax meal.  Drink it 30 minutes before your meals.
  5. Herbal teas are another way you can stay hydrated and keep your palate singing. They also help you with balancing hormones and sleep. Herbal teas are made from herbs, roots, fruits and seeds. Because they contain certain plant compounds, they often offer medicinal health benefits. Plus, they are caffeine-free, so you can enjoy them at any hour of the day.  Choose from a large selection of Fair Trade and organic certified varieties.

As you see there are a variety of ways to liven up your water intake.   If you are someone who still finds water boring, then think about how much water does to keep your body functioning optimally.  It hydrates and nourishes your every cell and tissue.  It’s here to help you detox, lower cortisol and heal!  Sip by sip, water is the way to get yourself slipping back into those skinny jeans!

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy