Seeking Nutrition Advice? Ask Scientists, Not Celebrities

Seeking Nutrition Advice? Ask Scientists, Not Celebrities

The internet being what it is, it’s important to take anything you read online with a grain of salt. Recently, I was encouraged to read a Business Insider article entitled “The single best type of diet for overall health, according to nutritionists.”

Rather than spreading the dubious diet advice of celebrities, the article cites real studies, published in legitimate scientific journals (like this one, and this one). The article concludes that the key to achieving good health, weight loss, stable blood sugar and improved energy levels is a plant-based diet. This suggested diet includes lean proteins, healthy fats and certain whole grains.

That’s a good start, but according to my research as Balance 3H Plus® Founder & Medical Director, it’s somewhat incomplete…

Address the Underlying Causes of Weight Gain

To achieve and sustain good health and weight loss,  you must take a multifaceted approach. This approach addresses the underlying causes of weight gain, such as:

  • Blood Sugar Fluctuation
  • Poor Sleep
  • Exercise Habits
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Inflammation

With this knowledge in mind, theBalance 3H Plus® weight loss program excels beyond the basics.

For example, most people already know that simple carbs such as white bread and pasta are nutritional no-no’s. But many don’t realize that not all whole grains are created equal. Additionally, we know that certain whole grains can actually aggravate certain conditions like allergies and inflammation.

Eliminate the Guesswork with B3H+®

For this reason, the Balance 3H Plus®Program was developed in such a way that it excludes both simple carbs and gluten-containing grains. This ultimately eliminates the guesswork that other diet programs leave up to you to figure out.

I created my program for women 40+ so that clients can learn how to incorporate limited amounts of gluten-free whole grains – such as brown and wild rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat –  into an overall healthful diet that emphasizes plant-based foods and lean proteins. Because when it comes to your body, it always pays to look beyond the headlines, dig deeper and get the best scientific information available!

It’s easy to learn more about our scientifically-backed diet for peri/menopausal women! Simply click here to book your 1-hour consultation, and a member of our team from our Westchester or NYC location will be in touch shortly. You can also call 1-855-I-LUV-B3H today!