Detox or Cleanse? Learn the Difference with Balance 3H+®

Detox or Cleanse? Learn the Difference with Balance 3H+®

Cleanse & Detox: an important part of Dr. Kealy’s B3H+® Program is the act of removing any foods from your diet that are offensive to your body, along with naturally detoxing your body in order to get it running like a clean, lean, fat-burning machine!


Listen closely as cleanse and detox experts Jacqui Justice and Lisa Avellino— of the doctor-created, medically-supervised weight loss program for women 40+, Balance 3H Plus® — talk all about cleansing, detoxing, and losing weight before, during and after menopause!


Imbalanced hormones, like Leptin, Ghrelin, and Cortisol, are making you eat more and gain fat. Fixing these hormones is Jacqui Justice’s & Lisa Avellino’s specialty! Fix the underlying cause of your weight gain by addressing hormonal imbalances with Balance 3H+â!


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