The “Meno-pouch”: Belly Bloat vs. Belly Fat – Westchester’s B3H+®

The “Meno-pouch”: Belly Bloat vs. Belly Fat – Westchester’s B3H+®

Though both “Belly Bloat” and “Belly Fat” have a similar menopausal nickname in common (the dreaded “Meno-pouch”), women 40+ NEED to know the difference between the two.

One is benign, typically caused by indigestion. The other? Dangerously life-threatening and certainly cause for concern.

The good news? You can rid yourself of either with Westchester’s leading weight loss program, B3H+®! Listen closely as weight loss experts Jacqui Justice and Lisa Avellino— experts from this doctor-created, medically-supervised weight loss program for women 40+ — delve deep into midlife belly bloat, belly fat, and hormonal weight gain and loss!

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