“It’s Not Our Fault Ladies, It’s Our Hormones!” – Westchester’s Weight Loss Radio Show for Women 40+

“It’s Not Our Fault Ladies, It’s Our Hormones!” – Westchester’s Weight Loss Radio Show for Women 40+

Dr. Kealy’s Revolutionary Talk Radio Show

Every Tuesday @ 5PM on WVOX 1460AM

What’s Making You Fat, Tired and Stressed?

You’re a woman in midlife who has worked hard to reach her weight loss goals. You went to the gym, you managed your diet, and you lost the weight! So, why won’t the weight stay off?

Tune in every Tuesday @ 5PM to radio station WVOX 1460AM and listen to Dr. Kealy’s Radio Show, “It’s Not Our Fault Ladies, It’s Our Hormones!”® – LIVE from Westchester County!

Learn from Westchester & NYC women’s midlife weight loss experts Jacqui Justice & Lisa Avellino as they tackle not just losing the weight but KEEPING the weight off!

Hosted by 3 of New York’s most Talented and Gifted women’s weight loss experts, these 3 women have helped thousands get LeanHealthy and Balanced!

Siobhan Kealy: The Medical Doctor
Jacqui Justice: The Nutritionist
Lisa Avellino: The Fitness Trainer

Listen as they discuss midlife weight gain, hormonal imbalance, peri/menopausal struggles and symptoms, and tons of other important information for women 40+. These women want to give you the balancing solution you’ve been looking for!

REMEMBER: Tune in Every Tuesday @ 5pm – WVOX 1460 AM

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Balance 3H Plus® is built on a scientifically-backed approach to weight loss positing that unless you fix your imbalanced hormones, your weight loss “return on investment” will all be for not!

Tune into WVOX 1460AM every Tuesday @ 5 pm for, “It’s Not Our Fault Ladies, It’s Our Hormones!” to stay up to date on Westchester & New York City’s science-backed weight loss research & learn all about Westchester & NYC women’s weight loss clinic: Balance 3H Plus®.

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