Diet-Approved Valentine’s Day Treats for Women 40+

Diet-Approved Valentine’s Day Treats for Women 40+

With Valentine’s Day just days away, it’s time to talk about LOVE… Loving yourself, loving others, and loving your BODY!

In this episode of “It’s Not Our Fault Ladies, It’s Our Hormones!” Balance 3H Plus® weight loss experts Jacqui Justice & Lisa Avellino discuss diet-approved Valentine’s Day treats for your enjoyment, as well as the importance of healing your gut for weight loss and better overall health!

Diet-approved Treats for Valentine’s Day

Dark Chocolate: A Smarter, Happier, Legal Diet Treat

Quality: 70% cacao or more

Health Benefits: Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, has a healthy fatty acid profile, helps decrease cravings, improves brain function, has a positive influence on brain chemistry & more!

Red, Red Wine

Quality: The cheaper the wine, the more sugar it contains, so look for European wines. These wines are more natural and contain lower levels of  sulfites and a lower alcohol content than other wines. In fact, certain red wines are great for weight loss!

Health Benefits: Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant which is great for a healthy heart.

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