Success Stories

"The Balance 3H Plus program has dramatically changed the way I feel about myself and given me tools to look and feel better, and stay healthy. I have lost 8 lbs, but surprisingly my belly went down. My biggest concern was that I be able to feel full, and the Balance 3H+ Plan was able to do that. I believe the ingredients in the shakes and the vitamins have reset my metabolism to the point that I do not experience the hunger that I used to have on other diets."

~ Rosanna DellOrso

"I have been on the Balance 3H+ Diet for the past 6 weeks and feel like a new person. I have not only lost 8 pounds, but have also basically eliminated a digestive disorder that I’ve suffered with for at least two decades. Following the first two week portion of the diet – the Metabolic Cleanse w/Leaky Gut Protocol – I immediately gained new energy and found a significant decrease in the heartburn and acid reflux that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. Six weeks later and still on the Lean Body part of the program, I am back into most of my favorite clothes, am continuing to lose weight and have put away the Tums and Zantac! In addition, I am back to working out because I have plenty of energy and am less exhausted, and my sleep is much better as well. I can’t say enough great things about the Balance 3H+ Diet except to add that it’s truly a life-changer and a program that I plan to continue for the rest of my life (I never want to return to the foggy, exhausted, heavy feeling I had before this!)"

~ Dawn Dankner-Rosen

"I just turned 62 years old and about a year ago I was in desperate need of a change in my life. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and a cancer survivor, but I wanted to learn how to get healthy and jump start my weight loss. I have battled weight my whole life and being a part of a big baseball family, the food choices have not been great, as I have spent a large part of my life watching my husband and now my son play seven months out of the year. I was desperate for guidance and a friend of mine told me about Balance 3H Plus, so I decided to give it a whirl. The results have been amazing for me both physically and mentally. I learned how unbalanced hormones take their toll on your body over the years, and began a program of vitamins/supplements to begin the change. The Balance 3H Plus® Program was the perfect fit."

~Dani Mazzilli

The Balance 3H Plus™ diet miraculously got my stalled metabolism moving again, which was transformational, and the cleanses made me feel energized from the inside out. This is a manageable diet that can help a lot of women get back to feeling like their old selves. Every woman should get a free consultation –– it works!

~Stacy Geisinger

“I have been on the Balance 3H+ Diet for the past 3 weeks and I cannot stop telling my friends about this program! I have lost a size and a half in clothing and friends and family keep telling me how fantastic I look. Before the Balance 3H+ Diet, I would not eat on a regular basis. Sometimes I would go an entire day without eating, throwing my entire body out of whack. This diet restarted my metabolism and I no longer have cravings for fatty, high calorie, salty foods. I have gained new energy and my sleep is better than ever!”

~Jennifer Bancroft