Behind the Brand

So many diet companies advocate counting calories, measuring portions, exercising intensively and make you cut out all the food that you love!

These ‘magic pills,’ cleanses, detoxes and ‘modern’ dieting plans are not only ineffective most times but can even be detrimental to one’s health. Getting healthy and staying healthy is not an overnight process and it is not meant to be a dreadful experience. Sometimes we think we are eating healthy for our bodies but actually aren’t giving our bodies the correct nutrients they need. Sometimes we think we are exercising the right way to slim down, tone up and strengthen our bodies and we are missing the mark there too. And sometimes, our situation has gotten so far out of control that we have no idea what to do or where to start. In all of these scenarios, it helps to have a little guidance and encouragement to achieve your goals and work for a healthier lifestyle.

This is why our team of doctors and experts in fitness and nutrition created Balance 3H+. We want to help transform women’s lives by creating healthier long-lasting habits, giving them the correct tools and information to succeed, and utilizing all natural, organic supplements to give their bodies the exact nutrients it needs to balance your hormones, boost your metabolism, give you energy and promote vitality.

We understand that women of all ages need to be recognized, valued, and supported.

It is so important to have a support system behind you that is recognizing your progress while helping you realize your goals. I know my biggest advantages in health have been at times when I set a goal with others around me that were all supporting what I was trying to achieve. Gaining a support system is one of the biggest advantages that you can have with your health, and having that support system being your closed loved ones is an unstoppable force. B3H+ products all come with some type of support to use them, whether it is an itinerary that will keep you consistent or some even come with a long term drip booklet that guides you every step down your journey. But no matter what telling a loved one what your health & weight loss goals are and having them support you will make your process a breeze.

We know turning back the clock is not the goal - but embracing your body and becoming a healthier and vibrant version of yourself is. We believe you can be proud of your age and look great in your skin!

There have been so many women coming to me asking how they can look younger - I even catch myself thinking this way sometimes. But when we take into account that our age is a symbol of wisdom that can be combined with self confidence and vitality the premise of appearing younger becomes less important. Instead I push women to look like a vibrant, thin, and joyous form of themselves. This can be achieved using natural techniques, like getting consistent sleep and using B3H+ programs that are made from ingredients that are natural to this earth and wholesome for the human body.

Having fun with health and wellness is my goal. I always make sure to keep tabs on my motivations - many women are focused on being thin because of fear. However I always make sure that I am motivated by a positive admits fear since I know my weight and health impacts my life as a whole.

How many times have we wanted to go on a diet just because we know there is a beach trip coming around the corner? This is fear dieting! And it creates unhealthy eating habits, as well as inconsistent exercise patterns. I like to keep tabs on why I am staying thin and healthy overall. My goal is to live a longer and happier life. Science shows time and time again that having a healthy body fat percentage coupled with proper nutrition and reasonable exercise can increase labito, decrease stress & anxiety, reduce mood swings, and much more. The B3H+ line is designed to keep women over the age of 30 balanced with their natural systems using foods that they are supposed to have in their bodies. No silly tactics or tricks. B3H+ brings your body to the state that it is meant to be to lose weight and stay in healthy shape!