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Balance 3H Plus® works because it’s designed by a woman for women. Clinically tested, medically supervised, and completely customized to meet your unique nutritional needs, Balance 3H Plus® works.

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Has Anyone Ever Told You the Truth About Perimenopause?

The fact is that we don’t talk about women’s health – especially when it comes to what happens when we age. Our body chemistry changes as we enter peri-menopause. This phase – which can last 10 years or longer – plays havoc with our hormone levels. Particularly impacted? The 3 hormones that impact how you gain and lose weight.

If you’ve been working hard to lose weight, only to be frustrated by the lack of results, you need to know: Ladies, It’s not our fault! It’s our hormones.

What Makes Balance 3H Plus® Different?

What Makes Balance 3H Plus® Different?

Do you feel like you’ve tried every possible way to lose weight? The fact is that diet and exercise play a huge role in how you look and feel – but if your hormones are working against you, all of your hard work just won’t pay off.

Balance 3H Plus® is different. It’s designed by a woman –  specifically for women.

Balance 3H Plus® is completely customized to help you reach your goals. The Health Test 365 is a unique blood panel that looks for hormones & key metabolic factors that most doctors never look for. These results are combined with insights gathered during your one on one 60-minute medical consult.

You begin your weight loss journey with B3H’s Innovative 2 Week Metabolic Cleanse. This process helps eliminate the toxins that have been slowing your system down and making you feel bad. You won’t believe how good you feel when your body is properly balanced!

Then you’re supported, guided, and nurtured through the 6 week Nutrition & Supplement phase. Because Balance 3H Plus® is customized to fit your metabolic needs, you’re going to feel great while you lose weight. By the time 8 weeks is over, you will have lost up to 25 pounds!

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It’s time to invest in your health and happiness. Special savings are available to women who act now.

What does that mean for you? What do you want to see change in your life? If you’d like:

  • More confidence in your appearance
  • New life in your romantic relationships
  • Increased energy for your family, your work, & your passions

Balance 3H Plus® is for you. Schedule your confidential consultation in our convenient Westchester location today!

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