Nutrition 101: How to Build A “Perfect Plate” 

Nutrition 101: How to Build A “Perfect Plate” 

As a medical doctor and womens health expert my goal is to help optimize womens health, hormones, life and diet. Today, I would like to provide information on how to create a perfect plate” for those of you just beginning your back-to-better-health journey.  

Let’s start with the basic fundamentals of nutrition and what a plate for a given meal may look like to balance your hormones and optimize your health…

Want to Balance Your Hormones & Optimize Your Health?

I believe that if you can conceptualize what your plate at each meal should look like then youll be better able to control for calories. Do me a favorenvision an empty plate. Now, lets fill up at least half of that plate with high-fiber vegetables. Dont worry about the kind of vegetables right now. Just make sure they are vegetables you enjoy and will eat.

Next, add a tablespoon or two of any healthy fat. Healthy fats include: avocado, olive oil, butter, ghee, nuts and aged cheeses.

Then, assign another quarter of your plate for protein. Ideally that would be an high quality animal based protein. Aiming for 4-5 oz (around 30g) per meal if eating 3 times per day. Some examples of good animal proteins are: fish, chicken, elk, bison, eggs, beef and seafood. You could certainly choose a plant-based protein, but youll need to double that portion of protein because it is less biologically available once digested and will not provide adequate amounts of amino acids. Some acceptable examples of plant sources would be: legumes, seeds, nuts, fermented soy, or a gluten free ancient grain.

The final quarter of the plate (or less if trying to lose weight) would contain a starchy carbohydrate. Starchy carbohydrates include: whole grain rice, sweet potato, gluten free pasta, sprouted grain or sourdough bread. The less processed, the better!  

Can You Picture Your Plate of Food Yet?

This plate would provide you with a lot of nutrient dense food. It would contain fiber, amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals and a lot less calories than a meal out. It is important to build your plate this way for three reasons:

Reason #1

First, we want to stabilize blood sugar throughout the day and from meal to meal. Poor blood sugar control creates hormonal havoc, weight gain and sets you up for feeling hungry all day. When the blood sugar is balanced our hormones will be in balance. Hormones like, cortisol, insulin, ghrelin and leptin. The more consistently we balance blood sugars, the better they function and the more likely youll lose body fat.

Reason #2

Second, youll be less likely to overeat starchy carbs if you have your portions of food assigned to certain areas of your plate. For example, a half of plate of mashed potatoes would be a blood sugar disaster vs. a half of plate of high fiber vegetables.

Reason #3

Thirdly, every time you sit for a meal, youll be eating adequate amounts of protein, fat, and carbs. They will be nutrient dense foods also which means you will not be hungry between meals. Eating this way consistently leads to an effortless reduction in calories. If youve been a chronic dieter, your body will finally thank you for this nutrition with a healthier metabolism and balanced hormones.   

New B3H+® clients have had tremendous success eat this way. Especially women who have 25+ pounds or more of weight to lose. This basic eating strategy teaches them how to become more aware of what they are eating, how they are building their plate and how to be more objective about portion sizes.

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Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy