Newly Redesigned Website Offers a User-Friendly Experience

Newly Redesigned Website Offers a User-Friendly Experience

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy

For some, losing weight isn’t easy. But your experience with your weight loss program should be. That’s why, with the customer in mind, Balance 3 Hormones Plus (B3H+®), Westchester’s unique medical weight loss program designed for women, has launched a brand-new website.

The new website is designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality, while allowing customers to see the full benefits that B3H+® offers to women. With new and updated features, the B3H+® site has a more pleasing and intuitive online experience. That way, users can quickly and easily navigate the site and learn more about B3H+® and what the program has to offer.

Some of the new features include:

• Updated website menu, featuring information on Dr. Siobhan Kealy, Medical Director and Founder of B3H+®; The Science Behind B3H+®; Health365 -a blood test that offers critical clues for weight loss success; a blog; and how to best contact B3H+®.
• Informational video on the B3H+® product
• Customer testimonials
• Sign up form to receive free quarterly issues of B3H+® Lifestyle Magazine
• And more!

Balance 3H Plus® was born to fill the gaps between the weight loss industry, the hormone replacement industry, and the medical community. “This new website launch provides more robust information on the revolutionary product, and exactly the success that thousands of women are having using this safe and natural product,” comments Mitch Suss, Founder and CEO of B3H+®. “With this new website, it offers visitors richer insight into the unique products that are helping thousands of women on a daily basis.”

To learn more about the program and its benefits, explore the new website or visit Dr. Kealy’s website at www.doctorkealy.com/.