L-Carnitine – A Potent Fat Burner and More

L-Carnitine – A Potent Fat Burner and More

Not only have we created natural supplements to minimize menopausal symptoms, we’re also increasing organ and immune system strength for optimal health longevity.  All our product ingredients have proven scientific profiles to help the body heal and balance hormones naturally. Our supplements include a broad range of nutrients that address a woman’s daily needs and provide essential support to reverse common menopausal complaints and imbalances.

Carnitine Advance Capsules

One of our most popular repair supplements in Westchester’s B3H+® Lean Body Weight Loss Program is our Carnitine Advance Capsules. L-Carnitine, a naturally occurring compound in the body, is essential to the health and proper function of all cells. L-Carnitine alleviates the effects of premature aging and increase mitochondrial density within cells. Mitochondria are considered the “powerhouse” of the cell. As such, they create a ton of energy, which enhances your fat burning and muscle building potential. However, the benefits do not end here. L-Carnitine plays an important role in preventing fatigue and decline in cognitive performance by providing critical support to neurons. Similarly, it acts as a gentle stimulant which lifts midlife brain fog and enhances alertness without the negative stress effects of caffeine.


In addition, L-Carnitine increases antioxidant enzymes, like glutathione peroxidase (which protects you from age-related decline). It also increases blood flow which helps reduce exercise-induced inflammatory markers, and has been shown to enhance cardiovascular endurance. As you can see, Carnitine supplementation offers a broad number of invaluable benefits.

Thus, the B3H+® Carnitine Advance Capsules are an essential tool to achieve your new found health and body. The product works synergistically with our B3H+® Lean Body Weight Loss Program supplements (B3H+® Thermo capsules and Skinny Trim vitamins) and whole food plan.

In conclusion, your health, hormones, and bodies require support from science-backed supplements. Our supplements are safe, effective, and offer real results for real women!

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy