How to Eat Right for Your Body Type

How to Eat Right for Your Body Type

Do you know that everyone has a natural tendency towards burning different fuel sources for energy? Weight Loss Tips Based on Your Body Type.

Your body may be more efficient at burning sugar, burning fat or a mix of both. During the day we all burn a bit of both fat and sugar, but most of us are walking around burning a higher ratio of sugar to fat. What fuel source your body prefers to use for energy is partially due to genetics, but also strongly influenced by the ways we ate when we were children, and our current diet.

Most women who are struggling to lose weight in our clinic are preferentially burning sugar, verses fat for energy. Not a surprise, since more than 70% of our population is overweight or obese (CDC 2017). Why? Because most of the foods they eat or have a history of eating contain too much sugar, starch and refined carbohydrates. In addition, their metabolism will also prefer to burn sugar and store fat if they are not exercising (especially resistance training) and recovering appropriately. This also occurs if you’re making unhealthy lifestyle choices around sleep, sunlight exposure and stress.

Not All Sugar-burners Are Created Equal

Some can burn sugar they have stored and will not break down muscle protein to make glucose (ie. sugar) for energy. Others will be breaking down muscle to supply the body with the glucose it needs. Think of these people as the “skinny fat”. And still other women will be metabolically flexible enough to switch between burning glucose for energy to burning fat and vice versa.

Your Fuel Burning Tendency

So, how do you get your 40+ metabolic machinery to burn more fat? Let me and the Balance 3H Plus® nutrition team help you figure out what your fuel burning tendency is. You can then manipulate your food choices to trigger your fat-burning, muscle sparing hormones. You will have to “mind the carbohydrates” for awhile if your body is currently relying on sugar for its primary fuel source. This is because the predominate hormones released in response to an abundance of sugar shut off your fat-burning hormones. In turn, this increases fat storing and sugar burning hormones (insulin and cortisol respectively). When these two hormones are elevated, you will be inefficient at fat burning. Therefore, forcing your body to burn sugar and store more fat. Along with this, a sugar burner’s body will not receive a strong enough signal from the hunger hormone leptin to stop eating. Thus, you’ll have an insatiable appetite and cravings for sweets, carbs and rich, fat laden foods.

Reawaken Your Hormonal Fat Burning Machinery

The good news is that once you begin the Balance 3H Plus® food plan and Reboot exercise program, you will re-awaken your hormonal fat burning machinery. The best way to do this is to slowly switch your hormones into burning fat for fuel. To do this, you must limit sugar, starch and refined carbs. You see, the body will burn what it is fed. If you feed it sugar, it will burn sugar. However, if you lower your intake of these higher carb foods, your body will naturally shift into burning fat. This change in diet, along with the Balance 3H Plus® Reboot tailored exercise program will change your middle age metabolism into a happy, healthy, lean, fat-mobilizing machine.

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy 


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