Blood Test Offer’s Critical Clues
for Weight Loss Success
Blood Test Offer’s Critical Clues for Weight Loss Success

Everyday, the evidence grows stronger that successful weight loss begins with an individualized approach that takes into account the many complex factors of an individual’s unique physical make-up.

To get to the root cause of your weight gain, we take a revolutionary approach here at B3H+ medical weight loss centers. With Dr. Kealy’s Health 365 panel, a comprehensive blood test, we are able to measure glucose, electrolytes, vitamin, mineral levels and more!

But we don’t stop there, the Health 365 Panel also includes a thorough assessment of 11 key hormones that control hunger, stress, metabolism and appetite. Testing and monitoring these various blood levels provide critical information about the individual that helps us customize a weight loss plan that can help balance naturally the hormones that are making you fat.

For instance, depending on what the testing shows, Dr. Kealy can craft targeted dietary changes or healthful supplementation to help a client through periods of hormonal change, such as peri/menopause. With information in hand, our medical experts can analyze the genetic markers and and blood values that make up your body chemistry and isolate imbalances and their underlying causes. The truth is, your weight , eating habits and total health is not a result of laziness, gluttony, lack of willpower, or consistency at the gym — “ it’s your hormones!”

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