Dr. Kealy Redefines Middle Age

Dr. Kealy Redefines Middle Age

Contradicting long-ingrained beliefs, Dr. Siobhan Kealy unearths myth-busting data with scientific research and her experience as one of the most revered women’s health experts. Dr. Kealy proves that midlife is not the beginning of your decline. Better yet, midlife is the start of what will be the most productive and fulfilling period of your life— a time to pursue your dreams!

Midlife: Your New Beginning Point

“There is no louder wake-up call than crossing the threshold into middle age. Forty years young is when we take stock of our past flaws, question our abilities and identify false thinking habits, stereotypes, and misconceptions that are holding us back,” explains Dr. Kealy

“After 40, we are prone to putting on more weight, more easily, as well as experiencing insufferable hangovers, taking longer to get fit, and recovering from injury more slowly,” says Jacqui Justice, Nutrition Director at Balance 3H Plus® weight loss center.

Dr. Kealy’s new weight loss paradigm shows every woman how to be ageless, beautiful and relevant.  In her new revolutionary program, Dr. Kealy brilliantly helps women over 40 discover and restore their youthful vibrancy and passion by using science and biology to counteract the ravages of midlife.

“My passion and purpose is to teach women the step-by-step instructions to change and revolutionize their health and life. I use proven strategies that lead to amazing levels of energy, abundant health and ultimate happiness. My proudest achievement and gift to others is the Balance 3H Plus® program.  It is a science-based, medical weight loss program designed specifically for peri/menopausal women.”

Live Your Fullest Life

Dr. Kealy’s practical and holistic weight loss program will help you embrace the unique opportunities of midlife, as well as assist you in navigating your health challenges with ease— so that you can live the fullest life yet.

“Every woman approaching middle age needs to be on this program. One of Dr. Kealy’s primary goals is to inspire women to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes no matter what the number on your birth certificate is,” says Russo.

There is no dispute that the challenges of losing weight after 40 are much more complicated— and unique to every woman. From hormonal fluctuations to high stress levels or lack of sleep, losing weight as we age becomes more difficult. This is much different approach that what was once required in our 20’s and 30’s.

Dr. Kealy redefines middle-age using her vast medical knowledge to empower us to enjoy this truly fantastic time of life!