Doctor-Created Medically Supervised Weight Loss for Women 40+

Doctor-Created Medically Supervised Weight Loss for Women 40+

How do you feel from day to day? Not sick, but not terrific either? Low energy, poor sleep patterns, weight gain and free floating anxiety seem to be an epidemic. But where are the solutions? Is seeking wellness akin to searching for the Holy Grail? Not according to Dr. Kealy, Medical Director at the Balance 3H Plus® Center in Westchester County.

“I see my mission as teaching my clients self-care practices which help prevent and reverse medical and hormonal problems, plus how to continue sustaining their newfound clean body and weight loss,” says Dr. Kealy. “There’s is no reason to go through life trying to survive each day. Total mind-body wellness is not just the absence of disease. It is the presence of feeling, looking and performing your best, regardless of age. Therefore, many women just need a supportive guide on their journey to protecting and optimizing their health.”

The customized wellness programs and packages at the B3H+® Center focuses on natural hormone balance through detoxification, supplementation, real food nutrition, weight loss, exercise, health and lifestyle coaching and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases influenced by lifestyle. Along with Dr. Kealy, the B3H+® team includes Nutritionists Jacqui Justice and Louise Proia, Holistic Health Coach Dana Suss, Exercise Physiologist and Adult Wellness expert Amber Landsman, and Fitness and Movement expert, Lisa Avellino. A combination of their efforts bring long lasting relief to many women who have unsuccessfully tamed the harrowing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

How is it Done? A Visit to Balance 3H+®

Most consultations are approximately one-hour long in length, including performing comprehensive blood work. Then, as a team, you and Dr. Kealy design a treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. Next, follow up appointments are generally scheduled one week after the initial consultation, followed by weekly monitoring.

Dr. Kealy describes the treatment plan as, “A soul to cell prescription for success.” The prescription is formulated with the highest quality supplements and pharmaceutical compounds to achieve natural hormone balance and help you detoxify more deeply. In addition, we combine the hormonal reset with our Reboot Exercise and Restorative Movement Program and Lean Body Nutritional Plan.

According to Dr. Kealy, most clients will notice health improvements and weight loss changes within the first two weeks. More complicated medical issues and hormonal imbalances may take longer. However, these definitely improve with the program. She reminds clients that in many cases, it took years for them to gain weight and build up harmful toxins which are making them sick and fat. In turn, some may need to repeat certain aspects of the program to fully reset and attain optimal balance.

Also, clients should be prepared for the real work of sustaining their newfound clean and lean body after they complete the program. Weight and health maintenance is not a passive phase or destination after a diet, but a dynamic process. As previously mentioned, the key to maintenance and preventing weight gain is focusing on the hormonal sweet spots, i.e. balance.

What is Revolutionary About the Balance 3H Plus ® Metabolic Weight Loss Program?

Dr. Kealy designed the Balance 3H+® metabolic weight loss program to change the course of weight loss for women struggling to lose weight in perimenopause and menopause. Both Dr. Kealy and our team of experts understand the interactions between metabolic and growth hormones, including insulin, leptin, ghrelin, cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  Currently, science clearly indicates that balancing specific hormones and reducing overall inflammation in the body are critical to long term weight loss success. As such, these two components impact every chronic disease including obesity, diabetes, thyroid, gut disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers.

Finally, “Weight loss in not about calorie counting, but creating an optimal hormonal environment for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism”, says Dr. Kealy.

In summary, the B3H+® program will teach you firsthand how to gain mastery over your hormones, weight and life!

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy