Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods

Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods

Go down any grocery store isle and you’ll find shelves lined with processed, chemically charged, sugar-laden, partially hydrogenated pseudo-foods. What is sad, but true, is they are more common than ever in our food system, and have a place cemented in the standard American diet. Here’s what you need to know about Dead Foods vs. Alive Foods:

Dead Foods

These “dead” foods (as they have been referred to by some) do nothing to improve the length and quality of our life. Let’s use the example of a snack cake. When we eat the cake our mouth and stomach does their best to break it down, but our body encounters a variety of food chemicals (preservatives, additives, colors, stabilizers, etc.) common in almost all processed foods. What will our gut do with this? How does it improve our hormonal balance, PMS symptoms, regulate appetite, control cravings, or aid the longevity of our cells? Short answer: It doesn’t! Your body has no blueprint for what to do with these common food toxins, so it does the one thing it can, finds fat cells to store them. This is when trouble begins. The more dead foods we eat, the more our fat cells become a garbage dump for the body’s unrecognizable chemicals. It is easy to see how this contributes to our mid-life waistline growing larger as our health-longevity window gets smaller.

Alive Foods

Conversely, when you eat fresh produce bursting with nutrients, your body breaks down and uses every single food molecule. Each and every one makes it to a critical area of the body in order to do something to improve your health, youthfulness, and hormonal balance. Healthy fats assist with the following: lubricating the gut wall, improving brain and circulatory function, hormone synthesis and balance, and keeping skin and other organs healthy. Fiber benefits your gut bacteria and carries waste from your system. Water carries nutrients in blood plasma throughout our bodies. Boy, was my grandma was right – we are what we eat!

But she also said, “Our reality becomes what we focus on the most.” If you want to be your best self by improving your hormonal environment and living a long, healthy, and vibrant life, then you need to focuson eating foods as close to their natural state as possible…real foods, “Alive” foods.

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy

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