Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Balance 3H Plus program work?

Balance 3H Plus is an innovative doctor supervised nutrition program that brings balance to your hormones, optimizes your health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long term weight management. It is backed by science and managed by physicians and nutritional specialists. The foundation of the program is its unique capability to develop a truly personalized nutrition plan based upon an in-depth analysis of your unique blood values, medical history and personal food likes and dislikes. Balance 3H plus is all 100% natural. There are no prescribed injections, pills, surgery, hormones, and as with other diets, you are not required to keep “points” or count calories. Balancing specific hormones allows yourself to eat a variety foods you love without the fat accumulation around targeted body areas.

Who can become a Balance 3H Plus patient?

Women who are 35 and over, have pre/menopausal symptoms, and experiencing WRS (weight loss resistant syndrome) due to imbalanced hormones.

Does it matter how much weight I need to lose or my medical history and medications?

We help all women regardless of their weight or medical conditions. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 150, Dr. Kealy will design a safe and effective program perfectly suited to your medical history and lifestyle. We will consult with your primary care physician and any other doctors to review any medical information necessary to make sure the program is safe and highly successful.

How much weight can I lose?

When we treated these hormonal imbalances, patients at Balance 3H Plus centers were able to lose up to 25 pounds during the initial 8 week program, 9% reduction in BMI, 11% reduction in body fat, 2% increase in body water, and 18% reduction in visceral fat. Individual results vary.

What is Health 365? And why should I take the test?

Health 365 is the most compressive female metabolic panel on the market today. This test can tell you exactly why your not losing weight and how to fix it. To truly understand what you need to fix, you first need to know what’s brewing beneath the surface. This panel is designed to look at hormones contributing to weight gain or difficulty in shedding those few extra pounds. Since hunger, cravings, stress and energy are all sensations managed by our hormones-balancing them should be the first step in everyone’s weight loss regimen. Armed with the results, you will be on your way to optimizing those hormones that affect your ability to lose weight. The good news is, that certain biomarkers are relevant for weight loss, so knowing your biomarker and hormone status is a powerful step to beating the battle of the bulge.
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