Combat Menopausal Weight Gain by Resetting Your Hormones

Combat Menopausal Weight Gain by Resetting Your Hormones

For some time, nutrition experts have debated the hormonal effects of food verses the importance of counting calories. The truth is that both hormones and calories matter.  However, to sustain longer-term metabolic changes for losing fat, you cannot just reduce calories, you must balance your hormones — specifically, two hormones that are critical to appetite control.

The Balance 3H Plus® (B3H+®) Program, based in NY’s Westchester County, focuses on rebalancing crucial metabolic hormones that aid in the permanent loss of stubborn peri/menopausal fat. By optimizing your nutrition, you can effectively transform the way you look and feel! We believe that it is important for you to understand the science behind our program and how hormones work for you — or at times, against you.

Hunger Hormones

You have two primary hormones that influence the hunger centers in your brain. These are essential metabolic messengers, released by your cells, that signal when you should eat and when you should push the plate away. They are leptin, your “satiety” hormone and ghrelin your “hungry” hormone.

Your friend leptin needs to stay in check! Leptin is like your body’s fuel gauge, which tells your brain you have had enough food, and therefore, should stop eating. It is secreted by fat cells. If you are overweight, you likely have higher leptin levels. If your leptin levels are too high for too long, you will likely store more calories as fat, and become more leptin resistant, where the leptin is unable to produce it’s normal effects to lose weight. When you become leptin resistant, your brain never hears the message, and you eat more and more, as if you are starving. If you can’t stop eating, you will never start burning fat for fuel. To work effectively, your body’s response to leptin must be reset.

Leptin Reset Steps:

Eat meals low in naturally occurring sources of carbohydrates (e.g., a variety of vegetables, berries or tart fruits), add quality sourced proteins and fibrous Omega 3 Fats (nuts, avocado, flax and chia seed) to fill you up. Try this first thing in the morning to promote satiety throughout your day. Avoid white foods (bread, pasta, potatoes, dairy, sweets, chips) which tend to create compensatory eating patterns. Remember: if it’s white, it probably ain’t right!

Ghrelin affects your hunger from hour to hour.  As it rises, it sends signals to your brain that it’s time to chow down.  Similarly, if ghrelin levels are chronically elevated, your willpower will fail you every time. You will likely experience extreme food cravings, even right after a meal.

Ghrelin Reset Steps:

Add organic unsweetened cocoa to your diet (via cups of powdered hot cocoa or a brick of 100% dark chocolate) to reduce cravings and stave off hunger. Also, eat fiber, fat and protein-based foods at every meal to blunt ghrelin’s message to the brain. Even short-duration, higher intensity workouts can help suppress its power over you.

The B3H+® Program is the missing factor in your fat loss formula. You do not have to wait weeks or months to see the changes from our hormone-first approach to fat loss. Your food cravings will diminish, you will stop overeating, and you will no longer need willpower to stay on a diet. Why? Because you will be naturally balanced.

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy