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“Your Best Age is Now”

“Your Best Age is Now”

As the author of the book Your Best Age is Now, I know how important it is to reboot your life, especially during midlife. For anyone looking to achieve feeling their best at any age, they not only need to do the right correctional emotional work, they also need to take better care of themselves, particularly when it comes to their health.

When our hormones are out of balance, it can cause disturbing disruptions. Hormones are powerful chemicals in our bodies that keep our bodies functioning normally. The word hormone is derived from the Greek word hormo, which means to set in mo- tion. Whether you are dealing with PMS or menopause, hormones can affect everything from your weight, self-esteem and sex drive, to your food cravings. These hormone fluctuations can get women to feel overwhelmed and feel like they are losing control of their lives.

Extensive research shows an association between decreased levels of estrogen causing everything from depression and anxiety, to mood swings, especially as a woman becomes perimenopausal. And these symptoms can increase even more during menopause. Other symptoms include: foggy mind, hot flashes, memory lapses

Experts advise women to pay close attention to maintaining a healthy weight during this time, which means learning how to pay attention to your eating habits and exercise. Even after menopause, there can be some level of reproductive hormones in the body, which can cause some symptoms of depression, anxiety or mild ups and downs in mood, years beyond a woman’s last period.

For a growing number of ladies, Balance 3H Plus® is the logical next step to help take better care of themselves, their health, and their bodies. B3H+® is a science-based metabolic breakthrough weight loss program which has helped many midlife women successfully address their weight loss goals, while also helping them to feel like they are living their best life. The testimonials have been quite impressive! The women who have embraced this program have rediscovered their sexy, healthy selves, and are ap- proaching their lives with joie de vivre, living every moment like their Best Age is Now.

– Dr.Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist, Author & TV Commentator

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I Jumpstarted My Metabolism with Balance 3H Plus®

 I Jumpstarted My Metabolism with Balance 3H Plus<sup>®</sup>

My new favorite sport is zipping my pants without passing out! I’m not good at diets that go past lunch, so I’m really thrilled and amazed at how I feel and how I am starting to look since I jumpstarted my metabolism with the Balance 3H Plus® Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Program. I call it the “stun gun” diet, because it stuns your brain so you don’t even think about peanut butter and chocolate candy or pieces or bread dunked in olive oil. Imagine that!

The diet started with a pre-cleanse and a bazillion questions I had for nutrition director Jacqui Justice, because I had never done a cleanse and was worried about missing the wine I really like. After Day 1, I truly felt better inside, and I learned how to still have a cocktail when I want, though I’ve switched to straight tequila on the rocks with lime (less sugar).

The two week liver cleanse sounded intimidating, so I ran all the ingredients past my own doctors, who gave me the green light. I spent the next two weeks thinking about my liver, versus the margaritas everyone else was drinking, while I sipped my lemon water.

I passed the liver cleanse with flying colors to clean out the toxins in advance of the next phase –– the super-easy B3H+® diet, which consists of two shakes a day (one often mixed on my lap in the car), and in-between snacks like nuts, cut up peppers, hummus, and almond butter with apple slices.

The ability to drop some weight and feel extra healthy is the best thing that’s happened to me in a while. I really love the “girl- friend vibe” at Balance 3H Plus® Medical Weight Loss Centers, as most of the women associated with this breakthrough diet are in the same stage of life. I’ve encouraged all my friends to get a consultation!

– Debbie Nigro, Award Winning Radio Talk Personality
The Debbie Nigro Show

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I Feel Better Than I Have in Years, People Notice the Changes in My Body, Skin & My Mood!

I Feel Better Than I Have in Years, People Notice the Changes in My Body, Skin & My Mood!

I had just turned 62 years old and I was in des- perate need of a change in my life. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and a cancer survivor, but I wanted to learn how to get healthy and jump start my weight loss. I have battled weight my whole life.

I was desperate for guidance and a friend of mine told me about Balance 3H Plus® Medical Weight Loss Centers, so I decided to give it a whirl. The results have been amazing for me both phys- ically and mentally. I learned how unbalanced hormones take their toll on your body over the years, and began a program of vi- tamins/supplements to begin the change. The Balance 3H Plus® Program was the perfect fit.

For me, the people were the secret to my success. When I wanted to give up, they held my hand and pushed me to continue and it paid off. Through the unbelievable support of Jacqui Justice as my nutritional Guru, and the infectious personality and spirit of my workout trainer, Lisa Avellino, I went from 195 to 172 pounds. I feel better than I have in years and people notice the changes in my body, skin and mood! I believe that Balance 3H Plus® was the best thing to happen to me in years, and I am en- joying my healthy journey with no guilt trips, just encouragement and great results!

– Dani Mazzilli
Wife of baseball star Lee Mazzilli and former host of FOX’s “PM Magazine”

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Balance 3H Plus® Miraculously Got My Stalled Metabolism Moving Again

Balance 3H Plus<sup>®</sup> Miraculously Got My Stalled Metabolism Moving Again

I’m a big fan of Balance 3H Plus® Medical Weight Loss Centers and all the amazing people behind it who make them one of the leading facilities of its kind. The Balance 3H Plus® Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Program miraculously got my stalled metabolism moving again, which was transformational, and the cleanses made me feel energized from the inside out. Their nutrition, fitness and wellness experts are always on call to happily to answer every question, no matter how small. This is a manageable program that can help a lot of women get back to feeling like their old selves.

Every woman should get a consultation – It works!

– Stacy Geisinger, Blogger
Westchester, Hamptons, Palm Beach

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I Can't Believe Someone Didn't Create a Program Like this Before!

I Can't Believe Someone Didn't Create a Program Like this Before!

I can’t believe someone didn’t create a program like this before! I noticed after I hit 40 that it was tougher and tougher to keep my muffin top at bay  (Hello?! I eat for a living!!!) But Balance 3H Plus® gets your hormones in check, allowing you not only to shake the weight, but to keep it off! Hats off to Mitch and the team. Well done!

– Toni Senecal, Television Host

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