Casual Talk with Dr. Kealy: Become a Real Life Superhero

Casual Talk with Dr. Kealy: Become a Real Life Superhero

Dr. Siobhan Kealy is the founder and creator of the Balance 3H Plus® medical weight loss program.  She is honest and transparent in her search for the ultimate weight loss paradigm for women over 40. Similarly, her exciting new diet program is helping thousands of women who have felt fat, hopeless, ashamed, frustrated, scared, and unwanted reclaim their youthful spirit and zest for life.

“I am thrilled to share my knowledge with the public. However, most women 40+ don’t understand the complexities of imbalanced hormones. As a result, hormonal imbalance makes it virtually impossible to lose weight and optimize health,” says Dr. Kealy.

B3H+® is a ground-breaking, medically-supervised fat loss, nutrition, cleansing, supplement, fitness and wellness plan. In addition, the program is tailored specifically to ease hormone fluctuations and reduce the incidence and severity of menopausal symptoms.

Become a Real Life Superhero

Furthermore, Dr. Kealy states, “Women today are nothing short of real-life superhero.  Many spend decades building their professional legitimacy while balancing relationships, motherhood, care-giving to aging parents, and a full social calendar. There is an expectation that women should handle all of this with superhuman energy and endless youthful vibrancy. Similarly, I, like you, know what it feels like to be fighting fatigue, midlife weight gain, mood swings, belly bloat, and a lower libido.  Now, for the first time, my B3H+® program can give you the confidence and tools to truly become the ‘superwoman’ you really are.”

The program focuses on rebalancing crucial metabolic hormones that aid in the permanent loss of stubborn peri/menopausal fat.  By optimizing your nutrition, you can effectively transform the way you look and feel.

“I believe that it is important for you to understand the science behind my program and how hormones work for you – or at times, against you,” states Dr. Kealy.

So, how can you restore your superhuman energy, capture your once youthful vibrancy, and get back the superhero-like qualities that lie deep within you? Click here or call 1-855-I-LUV-B3H today to schedule your appointment!