Lisa Avellino

Fitness Director

Lisa Avellino is a top health and fitness expert with over 30 years of industry experience. She is the Fitness Director for NY Health & Wellness and serves as National Spokesperson for Balance 3H+® Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Program, a science-based approach to weight loss for women in perimenopause and menopause that balances the hormones causing weight gain. As fitness director, she developed the Balance 3H+® Reboot fitness plan to accompany Balance 3H+®. Reboot is a customized program that features simple, fun, and effective 15-minute periods of exercise throughout the day. Lisa has been featured in The New York Times, Shape, Fitness, Prevention and First for Women, and has appeared on FOX, NBC, ABC, and NEWS 12.

A note from LIsa:

"The biggest lesson that my clients learn when it comes to exercise and it's effect on hormones, I believe that more is not always better. As director of fitness for NY Health and Wellness, and nationally acclaimed fitness expert, I find this especially true for women who are exhibiting adrenal distress, under-active thyroid, compromised immunity, menopausal belly fat and weight gain, sleep disruption and poor recovery from their workouts. Instead, I created the Reboot 15, a fitness program to minimize and balance naturally occurring hormones that are wreaking havoc and making it almost impossible to lose weight. Essentially, less is more!

I tell my clients that unless you are an athlete training for a sport or an event, workouts that last longer than 15 minutes are not necessary and may even be counter-productive. Although exercise is a wonderful long term stress reducer, lengthy workout will definitely crank up your Cortisol levels. Cortisol is destructive to muscle tissue, allows belly fat to accumulate, and it creates an imbalance of the hormones that will keep you thin.  This makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Keeping your workout shorter, though still intense, will help prevent excessive Cortisol release and improve your recovery time.

To achieve both hormonal balance and aesthetics results, I put my clients on a regiment of circuit training, which works multiple muscle groups in one session. For maximum benefits, complete your exercise with little rest between each circuit, which keeps your heart rate high throughout your workout. When my clients use this method, they get basically their cardio workout and resistance training all in one shorter session. Up to nearly 84 percent of my clients reduce the Cortisol levels that are causing them to gain weight while exercising less time and reaping more benefits for a healthy body."