Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

NY Health & Wellness Nutrition Director Jacqui Justice is here to talk about which hormones are making people (Especially Women) fat and how to balance each naturally.

1. Cortisol is a very powerful hormone and is directly responsible to the fat you carry around your waist area. The best way to keep Cortisol at bay? Chill out. Research shows that relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and listening to soothing music reduce stress hormones.  Having the adequate amount of protein in your body keeps Cortisol at bay.

2. Ghrelin (pronunciation Gree-Lin) – This is the hunger hormone.  The same habits that help control leptin—sleep and daily exercise—can keep ghrelin in check. A protein rich breakfast is also important.

3. Leptin –  Regular exercise—especially moderate to high-intensity interval training—can help keep Leptin levels functioning properly as can getting seven to eight hours of sleep 
a night. With Leptin you want to have three meals a day with no snacking and the most important is to get 10-12 hours in between the last time you eat and the first time you eat.

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