Balance 3H Plus Reset Program
“It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones!”
Balance 3H Plus Reset Program
“It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones!”
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Who wants to feel fabulous, lose weight, and have the energy of a teenager?

Whether you feel fabulous, look great, or have high energy- doesn’t always start in your head alone. Hormones have a major impact on your overall health.

Many women think their hormones are fine until they have uncontrollable weight gain, hot flashes, or night sweats, but that’s not the case. Before that happens (10-15 years earlier) hormones are already changing.

Having a state of healthy hormonal balance is critical during menopause. The body makes and needs a lot of hormones to keep it functioning well.


    How do you know you have hormonal imbalance? Are you:

  • Gaining persistent weight?

  • Having brain fog and bloating?

  • Experiencing anxiety and depression?

  • Feeling tearful, having problems with sex or lack libido?

  • Waking up in the middle of the night, wide awake and alert?

The Cortisol Hormone

The cortisol hormone can cause all your other hormones to become out of balance. Cortisol is a powerful hormone and is directly responsible for the fat you carry around your waist. You may already know that it’s caused by stress, and life is full of stressors. In little quantities cortisol is a healthy hormone. During menopause, cortisol levels rise to detrimental levels and will disrupt all of your other hormones, especially the two that make it impossible to lose weight (leptin and ghrelin, the hormones that control appetite and cravings).

Everyone has something that needs attention, and everyone has something they want to change in their life. Whether it’s food, lifestyle, or mind, only you have the power to take action. Resetting the hormones that are making you fat is the one action I would absolutely take, knowing that, “It’s not your fault, it’s your hormones!”

Now take that first step towards a healthier you!