Balance 3H Plus® Welcomes New Nutrition Clinician

Balance 3H Plus® Welcomes New Nutrition Clinician

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy

Balance 3H Plus (B3H+®), Westchester’s unique medical weight loss program created by a woman, for women that is scientific and education-based, is proud to announce today that it has welcomed nutrition expert Angela T. Russo to its staff. Angela T. Russo, a Functional Nutritionist and Integrated Health Practitioner, specializes in uncovering her patients’ root problems to correct their core metabolic imbalances and restore their optimal health. Through patient assessment tools paired with cutting-edge scientific research, Ms. Russo delivers true healing based on each patient’s specific needs.

Ms. Russo aims to develop a partnership with her patients, using a comprehensive approach to help them identify behaviors negatively impacting their health. She accomplishes this by addressing the synchronization of the body, mind and spirit, which effectively removes all forms of health barriers. Her treatments include lifestyle changes and customized nutritional diet plans for issues such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, weight management, digestive disorders, natural treatments for hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, cardiovascular disease, anti-aging treatments, detoxification programs, stress management and emotional rebalancing.

Through patient assessment tools paired with state-of-the-art scientific data, Ms. Russo coalesces conventional and functional nutrition. Ms. Russo proudly holds a track record for transforming patients’ health.

Ms. Russo earned her Master’s Degree in Functional Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, with an emphasis on integrative and functional nutrition. She has written numerous articles in the broad field of nutrition and is a perpetual student, consistently taking courses to remain on the forefront of her field. Ms. Russo is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, Certified Corporate Wellness Educator, Certified Senior Advisor, and an active member of numerous organizations, including the American College of Nutrition and Weston A. Price Foundation.

Ms. Russo, who has over 18+ years’ experience in nutritional counseling has joined the B3H+ center as part of its effort to address the most prevalent hormone imbalances and its affecting abnormalities for women in their pre/menopausal stages of life. These abnormalities include weight gain, chronic inflammation, increased stress, depression, sleeplessness, as well as thyroid disease, which can lead to a host of disease states and health barriers as women age.

“Ms. Russo bases her work on the latest evidence in the science of nutrition and diet, as well as the latest state of our knowledge of what works to modify unhealthy behaviors,” comments Mitchell Suss, Founder and CEO of B3H+®. “Sometimes patients need advice, knowledge and guidance that is not strictly medical, but is very close to a good medical outcome, such as advice to on which foods are best for your body, which foods to avoid, how to buy nutritious foods on a tight budget, and how to measure progress in eating a healthier diet. Angela brings this and so much more to Balance 3H Plus® center.”

“Dietetics is not just about healthy food,” states Ms. Russo. “Food is one vital form of therapy and treatment. Medical Nutrition therapy includes the latest research and considers a person’s medical and family history, physical fitness, and lifestyle when determining interventions. Medical Nutrition Therapy means examining all of those lights and adjusting to specific, customized need where food becomes an accelerator to heal your body.”

Ms. Russo provides nutrition consultations and counseling to women ages 35 and older who are experiencing pre/ menopausal symptoms such as weight gain and a host of unpleasant hormonal imbalances. Patients may make an appointment with Ms. Russo by calling (914) 703-4811.