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DIY Online Weight Loss Program Personalized Medical Weightloss
B3H+® Journal check-teal-2 check-teal-2
B3H+® Food Journal check-teal-2 check-teal-2
B3H+® Metabolic Cleanse (Detox) Progam and Guidebook check-teal-2 check-teal-2
B3H+® Lean Body Weight Loss Program and Guidebook check-teal-2 check-teal-2
Meal Replacements for 2 meals per day for 30 days check-teal-2 check-teal-2
Specialized Hormone Balancing Meal Plan check-teal-2 check-teal-2
B3H+® Grocery List check-teal-2 check-teal-2
B3H+® Reboot Specialized Hormone Balancing Fitness Program check-teal-2 check-teal-2
24/7 Access to Member Portal check-teal-2 check-teal-2
Life changing habits check-teal-2 check-teal-2
Unlimited Email Support check-teal-2 check-teal-2
Bi-Monthly Newsletter check-teal-2 check-teal-2
Personalized Medical Weight Loss (Under MD/Nutritionist Supervision) check-teal-2
Custom Weight Loss Plan tailored to fit your needs check-teal-2
Weekly Weigh In on our Elite Body Composition Scale check-teal-2
Pre-Cleanse Supplements check-teal-2
Comprehensive Health 365 Blood Panel to check your body’s chemistry. Learn what’s happening in your body. check-teal-2
Nutritional In Office Visits throughout your program. check-teal-2
Doctor In Office Visit check-teal-2
10% Off Lifetime on all future orders check-teal-2 check-teal-2
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Jacqui Justice Speaks about our Customized Personal Programs

Learn the secrets of losing the stubborn weight that you’ve been carrying around for years with a complimentary medical consultation at NY Health & Wellness. We will share with you how your hormones are stopping you from losing belly fat!
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Our Balance 3H+ Plus ® Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive, customized program for menopausal wellness and weight loss, designed by our team of medical practitioners.  Be in Balance!

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The natural fluctuations of menopause can disrupt  the delicate balance of your hormones, sometimes resulting in an increase in appetite and fat storage.



  • Burn more fat
  • Control appetite
  • Speed up metabolism
  • No counting points or calories
  • Balance 3HPlus® is 100% natural
  • Eliminate cravings and mood swings
  • Achieve weight management by promoting a healthier you
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