NYC & Westchester Hormone Medical Doctor Combines Nutrition & Medicine for Natural Weight Loss Method

NYC & Westchester Hormone Medical Doctor Combines Nutrition & Medicine for Natural Weight Loss Method

Westchester & NYC Medical Weight Loss Center for Women 40+

Thanks to tireless scientific and nutritional research, Dr. Siobhan Kealy, Medical Director & Founder of B3H+®, a Westchester & NYC-based medical center and a trusted and reliable leader in the medical weight loss industry, has created a scientifically-backed program that targets the underlying reasons for menopausal weight gain. This program has helped thousands of women across America revamp their lifestyles and eating habits to attain healthy, sexy and slim bodies.

Dr. Kealy Weight Loss Expert at Balance 3H Plus Westchester weight loss centerDr. Kealy explains that Balance 3H Plus® targets specific hormones that influence women’s weight during peri/menopause. The program is created accelerate weight loss through a scientifically-backed combination of inflammation reducing and hormonal balancing techniques.
B3H+® combines lifestyle and dietary changes to weaken the body’s mechanisms that cause it to store fat, while simultaneously jump-starting the natural fat-burning processes. In Dr. Kealy’s own words, “The results have been extraordinary“.

Revolutionary Diet for Peri/Menopausal Women: Balance 3H Plus®

According to CEO and Founder of B3H+®, Mitch Suss: “Until Dr. Kealy’s program, there has been an immense void in the industry for women before/during menopause. This has left women feeling increasingly hopeless and in great need of answers.

Fortunately, Dr. Kealy has discovered the solution. Balance 3H Plus® is a doctor-supervised weight loss program that provides a safe, natural, and ideal way to lose weight, improve quality of life, reattain youth, and relieve menopausal symptoms. Additionally, Dr. Kealy’s program suppresses the appetite, decreases hunger pangs and puts an end to intolerable sweet cravings.”

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Banish Weight Gain, Belly Bloat & Accumulated Fat

Dr. Kealy’s Balance 3H Plus® weight loss program refutes “the calorie in, calorie out” way of dieting. Her program fixes existing imbalances of three main hormones (cortisol, ghrelin, and leptin) that are responsible for weight gain, belly bloat, and other bodily fat accumulations.

“Up until now, women before, during and after menopause have been fed conventional dieting programs that simply don’t work. These unsuccessful programs include methods like counting points, carb-fasting, and other diet fads of the month,” says Suss.

Medically-supervised Weight Loss

"Watch you weight drop now and for life" Balance 3H Plus weight loss center

Designed by Dr. Siobhan Kealy, a medical expert in safe, speedy weight loss, Balance 3H Plus® is medically-supervised throughout the program’s duration.

Dr. Kealy understands the bodily response to different combinations of “hormone balancing” foods and supplements. She teaches clients how these combinations work together to minimize fatty deposits that have nestled in the cells around women’s waistlines and elsewhere. This scientifically-backed, prevailing approach has resulted in middle-age women reaching and maintaining their ideal body weight…for good!

For more information on Balance 3H Plus® and to schedule a consultation, call 855-I-LUV-B3H (855-458-8234) or visit https://balance3hplus.com/book-your-appointment-ny-weight-loss/