Dr. Kealy’s 6 Commandments for Achieving Optimal Health

Dr. Kealy’s 6 Commandments for Achieving Optimal Health

Dr. Kealy’s Commandments for Optimal Health

Most of us do not respond well to being told what we should eat. I certainly don’t, but I also realize that I need to have some health practices in place when it comes to eating. Therefore, I want to share my commandments of health around eating and food, specifically the do’s and don’ts for balancing and optimizing my hormones and body weight. If you don’t like the word “Commandments”, then think of them as Food Principles to live by. Here they are:

Health Commandment #1: Eat only when you are hungry.

If you don’t know what true hunger feels like than you are eating too frequently. Avoid eating except when you are truly feeling hunger, not starving. This sounds really obvious, but for some of us it is not. Some may eat mindlessly at meals causing them to consume excess calories, or they eat because of shared cultural cues like a time of day, for example 12:00 pm is when we have to eat lunch. Many of us eat out of habits like this and other seemingly justified reasons, for example “Everyone else is eating dessert so should I”. This is NOT eating out of hunger. Our bodies do not need to be fed all the time, every 3 hours or 6 times a day.

If you continuously eat when not hungry, you will see that your food does not digest as well. This is because you are not producing and releasing as many enzymes to digest these foods in your stomach. Undigested food can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms such as acid reflux, bloating, constipation, release of toxins, and increased fat storage. Another thing is that eating when not hungry is a big reason why Americans are so overweight. If your hunger signals, which is regulated by the hormone Ghrelin is not in check, you will find yourself eating more and all day long. To ease incessant hunger pangs and reset your appetite try eating a healthy protein, fat and high fiber vegetable at every meal or snack.

Health Commandment #2: Eat 25-30 grams of a complete protein per meal per day (aiming for minimum of 90g/p/day).

The PROT-AGE study (2013) conveys that as we age, we need to consume more dietary protein than our younger selves. This is essential to support good health, promote recovery from illness, balance thyroid, appetite, sex hormones and maintain functionality and muscle mass. This is due to age-related changes in protein metabolism, i.e. anabolic resistance.

Higher protein intake is also necessary to help offset inflammatory and catabolic conditions associated with chronic and acute diseases that occur commonly with aging. From my clinical experience, I have seen those women that consumed 1 gram of protein/lb ideal body weight have the best blood profile, bone density and body composition.

Health Commandment #3: Avoid drinking too much liquid before and during meals.

Most of you may be thinking, “What, I thought I needed to load up on water before a meal, to fill my stomach and prevent overeating!”. Sorry ladies, this advice was wrong. Liquids dilute enzymes in the stomach which are necessary for digestion. If you follow our B3H+®  diet you will get plenty of water from fruits and vegetables. You will also lose the cravings for beer, wine, soda and water to wash the food down. As a general recommendation, limit liquids an hour before eating and during the meal. And only sip on liquids two hours after.

Health Commandment #4: Don’t drink or eat when sleepy, sad, scorned or scared.

The female body is so intertwined with our emotional state and with our changes in hormones while under stress, that our bodies automatically down regulate the production of digestive enzymes.

Health Commandment #5: Eat dinner at least three hours before bed.

Normal bodily wear and tear gets to repair and reset when we sleep. If we eat to close to bedtime, our bodies struggle to both digest food and carry out these critical repair functions effectively. Let healing occur during this period of fasting. It is the easiest way to recover and reset daily.

Health Commandment #6: Always drink lemon juice with lukewarm or tepid water before bedtime.

Lemon juice is a powerful alkalizer, neutralizer, and antiseptic – likely the best we have. Take it just before you retire for the night. Your dinner should be digested already, so the lemon juice can work its wonders unimpeded. Start with the juice of a half of fresh lemon in a glass of water. Work your way up to one whole lemon. For women who have menopausal sleep related problems, this can also be a great natural sedative.

In our modern, busy lives we can never eliminate all the toxins, junk foods, struggles with food choices at restaurants, holidays and parties, but the B3H+®  meal plan and principles of food can help us cope with these challenges in good health and in good heart. Follow the B3H+®  Program and you will see the difference. Soon! Increased energy. Calmer mind and body. Better digestion. Ultimately achieving optimal health with a slimmer waistline.

Author: Dr. Siobhan Kealy